My Stories


The Vanishing @ formercactus (forthcoming)
A Man Without a Vineyard @ MoonPark Review  (forthcoming)
Dog Story @ Jellyfish Review
A Balloon Built Like An Ark @ Monkeybicycle
In Bloom Matchbook
Carton @ Monkeybicycle (one sentence story)
The Mourners @ Wigleaf
A Field of Colors @ Keyhole Magazine - Online [defunct]
Then God Showed Up @ Northville Review
Mahi Mahi @ Avatar Review
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a @ Monkeybicycle
Dirtclouds @ Smokelong Quarterly
Two Brothers @ Robot Melon
Maui Eyes @ Corduroy Mountain [defunct]
When the World Ends @ Tuesday Shorts
A Record of Wrongs @ Mudluscious
Tomatoes @ Pequin
Commandments @ Keyhole Magazine - Online [defunct]
First Kiss Lips @ Dogzplot Flash Fiction
The Night the Sirens Sounded & el-ee-may @ Right Hand Pointing
Grocery List @ Dogzplot Flash Fiction
Off Day @ Monkeybicycle
Unraveled @ Vestal Review


Untitled @ [C.]: An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology
Vs. the Mailman @ Quick Fiction
Touching the Spine @ Best of the Web 2010 (anthology)
Zebra Play @ Corduroy Mountain [defunct]
A Field of Colors @ ML Press (anthology)
Keychain Guns @ Keyhole Magazine - Digest [defunct]
Wisdom of the Hawaiian Monk Seal @ Quick Fiction
A New Monkey @ Yippee Magazine [defunct]